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Reunion Anthology

"The Reunion are taking audiences to a place that no other tribute has gone before."

What if circumstances had been different? What if all four former Beatles were alive and well in 1996? What if they decided to wrap up their "Anthology" documentary with a reunion concert that featured many of the greatest hits of The Beatles plus the best of their solo work too? What would it have looked and sounded like?


The ULTIMATE TRIBUTE features four of the world's greatest veteran Beatles look AND sound alike artists performing a tribute to John, Paul, George & Ringo like none that you've ever seen.

The Musicianship! The Chemistry! And Those Amazing, Timeless, Wonderful Songs!!

Get Back, Imagine, My Sweet Lord, A Hard Day's Night, Hey Jude, Revolution, Strawberry Fields Forever, Live & Let Die, Yesterday, I Want To Hold Your Hand, All You Need Is Love, Got My Mind Set On You, Photograph, Can't Buy Me Love, Whatever Gets You Through The Night, Band On The Run, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, She Loves You, With A Little Help From My Friends, Penny Lane, Daytripper, (Just Like) Starting Over...AND MANY MANY MORE!!! MEET THE REUNION BEATLES!

Drew Harrison

Drew Harrison

Drew comes to The Reunion (Anthology) Beatles with quite a "Lennon" pedigree. As founder and vocalist of the San Francisco Bay Area's premier Beatles tribute band, The Sun Kings and as "John" in his own theatrical productions, "In The Spirit Of Lennon" and "The Plastic Fauxno Band."

Drew's performances and interpretation of his music, goes beyond just sounding like Lennon, but captures the intensity that he brought to the Beatles music as well as his own. This intimate and emotional performance has been seen and heard nationwide, in South America and in Europe. Drew has been invited to perform at the Latin American Beatles Fest in Buenos Aires and in Louisville, KY where he performed at Abbey Road on the River, both solo as well as with The Sun Kings. He was also invited to perform at the International Beatles Week in Liverpool.

A singer-songwriter in his own right, Drew Harrison has been in several original groups over the years, and has released a solo acoustic CD, "Go It Alone." The album is a result of an intense period, filled with rawness and emotion. It's just his voice and acoustic guitar, baring his soul lyrically and vocally. He currently performs solo in the Bay Area as well as Europe and South America where he finds that "music exists for music's sake", which seems to fit entirely with his philosophy.

Drew is a UC Berkeley where he earned a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies at UC Berkeley. This, too, was a result of Lennon's ideals and influence.

Richard Cummins

Richard Cummins

How does someone get infatuated with The Beatles without the aid of seeing them on Ed Sullivan's "Really great shew"? A 13 year old Richard Cummins found himself at the bike racks at his junior high school. A fellow student – a complete stranger to Richard and a whole grade older was having trouble unlocking his bike with arms full of textbooks, bike lock keys, cassettes and headphones. "Here hold this!" the frustrated schoolboy said, and Richard, whose bike just happened to be the next in line, found himself adorned with headset and the tape was rolling. That tape. THE tape. A magical Beatles ‘mix tape' that the schoolboy had made recording his favorite tracks from long play records onto cassette. Richard stood transfixed with Beatle music filling his ears and when the schoolboy was finished unlocking his bike Richard clutched the Walkman and blurted out, "Can I borrow this?!?!"

In his following middle teenage years he would absorb the Beatles catalogue, and then was surprised with joy that there were things called solo records! Richard was eager to find out just what band Paul could have put together that could ever be as good as The Beatles. He was shocked to find out that somehow through the magic of something called a ‘recording studio', Paul himself played all the instruments, piano, bass, guitar, and the drums even!

A teenage Richard could ever after be found slyly sitting down at his friend and band mate's instruments during rehearsal breaks, desperate to meet McCartney's skill and multi instrument musicianship himself, eventually teaching himself piano, bass, and drums the way he taught himself guitar by ear.

"What if The Beatles got back together and played again, now today?" The question Richard asked as a teenager is now strangely seeing life in the form of ‘The Reunion (Anthology) Beatles' where we enter a reality where John and George are still here, the friendships are reconnected, and the best music ever is again brought to life.

Nick Bold

Drew Harrison

Nick has been portraying the quiet Beatle respectfully since receiving a standing ovation while performing as "George" on a network TV Series where he wowed the crowd with his rendition of "My Sweet Lord."

A long time professional musician and producer. Nick's first taste of success came as a founding member of the rock band Virginia Wolf . Signed to Atlantic Records, the band also featured John Bonham of Led Zeppelin's son; Jason Bonham. Songwriting is Nick's biggest passion and many of his have been recorded by artists around the world. He is one of the most admired Harrison tribute artists in the world and according to the experts, the closest to the "real thing" as has ever graced a stage.

Terry Carleton

Terry Carleton

Terry Carleton studied classical, jazz, and composition on full scholarship in college. He has been playing in bands for the better part of 40 years. In that period he has played 'live' with many notables such as rockabilly legend Link Wray, pop and gospel vocalist Maria Muldaur, jazz B3 icon Tony Monaco, hard rock guitar hero Ronnie Montrose and many of the traveling doo wop and oldies groups such as, The Drifters, The Coasters, The Platters, The Marvelettes, Al Wilson, and Motown pioneer, Mary Wells, to name a few....he has recorded drums and vocals with the long-running British Progressive rock band, Camel and continues to co-write songs with their front man, Andy Latimer. One of their songs, "Guitars" , was also turned into a rock video and and was picked as an 'Official Selection" at 15 film festivals worldwide. Terry has also performed with The Beach Boys' Al Jardine, Johnny Lee, Norton Buffalo and Jewel Akens.

Mr. Carleton has been commissioned to write for several seasons of an artistic circus in the San Francisco area which lead to an invite to play with Cirque Du Soleil. Terry owns and engineers a recording studio, called Bones And Knives ( where he produces over 200 songs a year.

Terry is an avid guitar collector and as such, has found himself a gig as a contributing writer for the well-respected trade magazine, "Guitar Player" (both in print and online) for a column called "Vintage Vault". Terry has taught drums and guitar his whole life. He continues to see over 30 students a week, many of whom have gone on to have great careers of their own, such as multi-instrumentalist and world-class producer, Eric Valentine of Smashmouth fame. To compliment his teachings, Terry has over 30 instructional videos featured on YouTube, three in which he breaks down Ringo grooves, and THOSE are what lead show producer Wayne Coy to cast him as Ringo in The Reunion (Anthology) Beatles. Terry has been a Beatles freak his whole life and in his own words, "Playing Ringo on stage with "The Reunion", is a dream come true and an honor that is made of pure joy!"

Tommy Cosentino (aka "Lenny Pane")

Tommy Cosentino

Originally from Omaha Nebraska, Tommy Cosentino has made Los Angeles his home since 1982. Like many of his peers, he started his career by listening to and learning popular music of the time. Starting this musical quest in the early 70s' he's been performing with ensembles and stage shows ever since.

While learning theory and technique at The University of Nebraska, his musical education continued nightly by performing in many of the local hot spots. Rich insights of diverse musical styles which include Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz & Country have through the years seasoned this multidimensional musician and performer. The subtleties and complexities of Acoustic and Electric Pianos, the funkiness of the Clavinet, the vast sonic palate of Synthesizers and the grit of the Hammond B3 Organ are all part of his rich musical expertise. As stated, Tommy has a strong singing voice for both lead and backgrounds with wide range from baritone to falsetto.

He has taken his talent around the globe touring as Musical Director for various shows including pop idols Taylor Dayne, Bay City Rollers, The Cowsills, Leif Garrett, Rex Smith, Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods, Ron Dante of The Archies, The Monkees' Davy Jones and Peter Tork, Nelson (Matthew & Gunnar) and Ray Parker Jr. He has produced and directed many live variety shows hosted by TV and Movie personalities including Peter Fonda, Branscombe Richmond and Lorenzo Lamas of TV's "Renegade series. Also "Growing Up Brady" featuring Barry Williams and other TV show cast members.

Tommy has extensive studio experience and has written and produced songs featured in various PBS specials as well as backing music for commercial TV shows. He is also a free lance producer for many up and coming artists/songwriters along with his own original music.

Reunion Anthology

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