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Electric VooDoo

The Artist

Fort Payne, Alabama

The key to making music with staying power–music that touches people–is giving an audience something to make them feel comfortable, something that reminds them of their roots, while interesting them in something they’ve never seen or heard. That is just what Electric VooDoo does. This four-piece band gives its fans something rarely found in the music industry today–Pure Rock n’ Roll.
Along with superior musicianship, the members’ ability to show you a detailed lyrical picture of their hearts and souls keeps their sound current with a time-line of observations, experiences and undeniable truths. Forty-year-old James Roberts(Guitar & Vocals) grew up in a somewhat “gypsy” lifestyle, touring US arts-and-crafts shows with his parents before settling in DeKalb County, Alabama in his teens. His family’s strong musical and spiritual background provided powerful roots in Gospel and Blues. With early adulthood grew his love for Rock n’ Roll and its connections with his parents’ music. Already an avid bassist and dobro player, James picked up a guitar at sixteen and never looked back. Joining Russel Gulley in Deja Blues in the early 90s, he had the opportunity to open for such acts as Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Microwave Dave & the Nukes, and Brother Cane. When James’ son, Reno, showed an interest in playing guitar at age eleven, James, by this time a master at his craft, began to hand down his love for music and especially the guitar. Reno Roberts(Guitar & Vocals), born in 1987, was a child of the 90s as is apparent in his music. Combining deep blues/rock roots with the tumultuous sounds of his childhood, Reno is able to spin a musical tale that draws in purists and rebels alike. Reno’s willingness to succumb to the control music can often have over the human mind and body allows him to perform gracefully and aggressively. Similar to his stage presence, his writing style combines the wisdom of an old soul with the honest naivety and confusion of a young adult. At age fifteen Reno’s talent had been nurtured enough that he was ready for a band. His father, James, asked friend and ex-band-member, Jason Rogers if he would be interested in playing bass for a band James and his son were putting together. Now, there was a third member on board. Jason Rogers(Bass & Vocals) was born in Louisiana, but moved as an infant with his mother to DeKalb County. Also raised in an intensely spiritual environment, Jason found youthful rebellion as well has perhaps even deeper spirituality in the music of Early American Folk artists and the late 60s. Jason was already a promising young guitarist and bartender when approached by James Roberts to play bass for a small-time band of weekend warriors called Hyer. Jason accepted and turned all of his attention toward the bass. Shortly after his stint with Hyer, Jason was again approached with the proposition of a Blues/Rock band consisting then of only James and his son. Yearning only to play more music, Jason joined the father-son pair and they began brainstorming in attempt to find a drummer. Dillon Taylor(Drums) grew up in Eastern DeKalb County on Sand Mountain. He started playing drums at age six with the Taylor Family, a gospel group made up of his family members. As time passed, Dillon’s skill and musical taste progressed from country to souther rock on to the Grunge sound of the early-mid 90s. When he returned from a short stint in the Marine Corps, he had heard of a young guitarist named Jason Rogers, but had yet to meet him. The two met through the small circle of musicians in the area and quickly became friends and jamming buddies. So when Jason joined up with a band in need of a drummer, Dillon was the first to be contacted. Dillon showed up at the audition with a set of electronic Roland V-Drums and did little to impress the founding members. Months later when another drummer that Electric VooDoo had taken on board quit the band in mid-show, Dillon, who was in the audience was asked to fill in. For the last two sets of the show, Dillon proceeded to shatter every previous notion the band had of his ability. Dillon stayed with Electric VooDoo until becoming ill and later moving to Georgia to study at the Atlanta Institute of Music under such instructors as Tom Knight(TLC) and Craig Harver(The Drifters/Bo' Diddly). When he returned he was just in time to rejoin Electric VooDoo as a permanent member. As with any band with roots in blues and early rock, the influence of the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, etc is apparent, but with open minds and ears, love for all music and hearts that speak louder than any stereo system, Electric VooDoo has no trouble being original and being themselves.

Electric VooDoo's sound comes from a wide variety of influences. James(Guitar & Vocal) was practically raised in Church, but when he was old enough to choose for himself, he turned to artists Like Buddy Holly, Johnny Winter, and even Kiss. Reno, James' son,(Guitar & Vocal) grew up listening to his fathers music, which still remained true to it's roots, but then included artists such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jimi Hendrix, and The Black Crowes. Jason(Bass & Vocal) somehow manages to bring the influences of The Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, Led Zeppelin, and Gov't Mule to the band's sound, while Dillon's rock roots lay down a solid platform for these looneys to dive off.

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